CarciNor is the Norwegian patient advocacy association for neurendocrine (NET) and carcinoid cancer.
CarciNor offers support to patients and caregivers affected by neuroendocrine cancer and all who support patients with NET cancer.

Cancer affects far more than just the patient. Caregivers are an important support for the patient and are also deeply affected. It is important that both patients and caregivers have an association who speak up for them, and who can offer support, information and share experience with others in the same situation.

CarciNor aims to support survivorship with NET cancer, communicate with patients and patient self-help groups. CarciNor works to improve the diagnosis, therapy, information, research and survivorship with NET cancer.

Neuroendocrine tumors are often misdiagnosed

CarciNor is working to raise the awareness for NET cancer in Norway by providing information on management and treatment options. CarciNor supports and promotes NET-cancer research through CarciNor’s Research Fund. In cooperation with the professional community, we aim to encourage more and better research projects related to NET cancet, to ensure better methods of diagnosis and treatment for those affected by NET cancer.

CarciNor is affiliated to The Norwegian Cancer Society

CarciNor is affiliated to The Norwegian Cancer Society, and is one of 12 patient advocacy associations working closely with The Norwegian Cancer Society. The associations are nationwide and independent patient organizations representing people with cancer and their families.

CarciNor has joined with other advocates to organize NET cancer patient-focused initiatives in Europe and worldwide. CarciNor is a part of the The World NET Community arranging the Worldwide NET Cancer Awareness Day on November the 10th.